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Frequently asked questions

When purchasing 3D printed cookie cutters / embossers made of PLA, please DO NOT soak them or place them in the dishwasher. These will warp when exposed to heat, so please ONLY HANDWASH under lukewarm or cool water.

US SHIPPING: I ship within the United States via USPS First Class Mail UNLESS you choose to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail at additional cost. Upgrading to Priority Mail ONLY changes the shipping method (it does NOT change the processing time). Contact me prior to placing your order if you need rush processing.

CANADA SHIPPING: I ship to Canada via USPS First Class Mail International.

ALL OTHER LOCATIONS: I add all other shipping destinations manually, so you'll need to contact me about any locations that are not already available.

If you need to receive your physical cookie cutter order by a SPECIFIC DATE, please message me BEFORE placing your order OR WITHIN 24 HOURS of purchase. I do NOT charge for rush processing, but I can't always accept rush orders. Contact me with your needs & I'll let you know what I can realistically commit to.

Please note that upgrading to USPS Priority Mail ONLY changes the shipping method (it does NOT move your order in front of other orders already placed). Contacting me is the only way to change the processing time.

I may be able to take requests for custom sizing / designs when my schedule allows.

Returns & exchanges

PHYSICAL ITEMS: Yes you can, but you must request cancellation WITHIN 24 HOURS of purchase.

DIGITAL STL FILES: No, because they are instant downloads.

I do NOT accept returns since physical items are printed to order & digital STL files are instant downloads. However, if a physical product arrives defective / damaged to a level that prevents its original intended use (e.g., damage to the cutting edge of 3D printed cookie cutters), please message me right away & I will send a replacement.


You will need a 3D printer with a print bed large enough to accommodate the cutter size you purchased, a slicer program to convert STL files to gcode (this is what the 3D printer actually prints from), & 3D printing filament such as PLA or PETG.

When purchasing a set containing multiple files, you will need a program that can extract the STL files from within the ZIP file.

No, they are not. STL files are digital 3D models that must be used with 3D printers.

Since all digital STL files are made available as INSTANT downloads, I can only list the sizes that have already been modeled. Feel free to use the contact form to inquire about additional sizes.

Some 3D printers are not able to handle long filenames or symbols in the filename. Try editing your gcode filename to be shorter & to remove any symbols.

This violates the standard terms of use for digital STL products, BUT I may be willing to permit this on a case-by-case basis. Please message me BEFORE placing your order to ask permission before sharing purchased digital files.


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